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USG Donn Grid Suspension System
The main technical brochure covering USG DONN grid and Wall Angle types, system accessories, maximum loadings and general installation requirements.
USG Boral Fire Rated Exposed Grid
For Fire Rated exposed grid ceilings, this dedicated document provides all the specific technical details to provide the unique combination of FRR’s up to 1 hour with acoustic (non-plasterboard) performance.
USG Generic Seismic Design Guide - Suspended Ceilings
This document will be suitable for many building projects of Importance Level 2 and 3.  It enables engineers, architects and other building designers to safely design the appropriate seismic restraint in compliance with NZS1170.5 for USG DONN exposed grid ceiling systems, as well as practical solution installation details for ceiling contractors. (Login is required before you can access this document)
USG Seismic Design Guidelines - Suspended Ceilings
For projects outside the scope of the Generic Design Guide, this document provides a comprehensive “check list” of the type of information required by a qualified structural engineer with experience in ceiling design to provide project specific seismic ceiling design. This could be for projects such as unusual shaped ceilings, high rise in Zone 3, building Importance Level 4 etc
USG Fire Rate Exposed Grid Ceiling Systems The purpose of this Code of Practice is to assist the construction industry, building consent authorities, architects, engineers, builders, installers and specifiers to comply with the New Zealand Building Code.